What if you had a reliable strategy for developing your people, that lets you predict how they’ll behave, know their motivating needs, and how to fully engage them at work?


The Science-Backed Program That Takes the Guesswork Out of Building Teams and Hiring


In partnership with PI Midlantic, Compass Workforce Solutions

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Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™


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The biggest issues facing most businesses right now are retention, hiring the right people, and designing teams that are engaged, agile, and achieving your business goals - getting results.


If we think about how, on average, turnover costs a business 33% of an employee's salary, or how in the last couple of years, roughly 4 million workers have quit their jobs in the US each month, it’s not hard to see why.


Businesses want to hire people who stay. CEOs want to hire people who are right for the job. Managers want to build teams that are engaged, excited, and competent. No one wants to lose employees or make their team feel undervalued. 


And, put simply, businesses can’t afford the cost of turnover. 


The problem is that hiring the right people and building successful teams isn’t easy. Trying to find the right candidates or think of ways to motivate your team can feel like a guessing game -  with every wrong answer costing more than the next. 


The big question, then, is what is the solution? How do you create a strategy for hiring candidates that are right for both the role and the team, or who will fit with your company culture and grow with your business in the long run? 


How do you boost employee satisfaction and performance without the trial and error, or train managers to be better leaders and achieve consistent results?


Imagine being able to predict, using behavioral science and a proven framework, how someone will perform and what drives them, so that instead of relying on intuition when you hire, you could instead rely on a recognized system for building successful teams that can be applied again and again.

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™:

The Science-Backed Solution for Making Business Growth and Team Development a Simple, Repeatable Process.


Take Your Free PI Behavioral Assessment™ Now

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a scientifically validated, free-choice, stimulus-response assessment that helps you identify behavioral  patterns that make it easy to predict workplace behaviors and motivating needs


Not only can this simple, 10-minute assessment help you understand who’s on your team and how to meet their needs to optimize performance - it can also give companies a clear blueprint for what makes a successful, smart hiring process and what risks need to be addressed to reduce turnover. 


Built to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), and the International Test Commission (ITC), it has been used for over 65 years to help companies worldwide develop their teams, hire top talent, and strengthen their organizations.


The responses from the PI Behavioral Assessment™ make it easy to predict how someone will behave in the workplace, including what naturally drives them, how they see the need to adapt for success, and how they naturally communicate.


These assessments, when done with every employee or potential hire, can transform your business. From de-mystifying the hiring process to giving managers a vision of who will thrive in which roles, the PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a repeatable system for success in people management.

Read what S. Joseph DiSalvo has to say about working with us:

“I would highly recommend reaching out to Christine Ippolito, SPHR, SHRM-SCP to speak with her about how the expert team at Compass and PI Behavioral Assessment™ can be a game changer in how you select, onboard, and manage your team. We are 18 months post-hire for 2 critical positions, and I am happy to say that we got the right people on the bus, and both have assimilated into my business and make a significant impact daily.

About Us

Christine Ippolito, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and certified PI Practitioner has a career that spans over 25 years as a Human Resources leader across multiple industries. Christine has helped high-growth companies make order out of chaos with performance-based solutions that fill the gaps, implement best practices, and deliver simple, repeatable results. She supports executives and team leaders in managing their professional employees and creating better performing teams. Christine founded Compass Workforce Solutions, an award winning provider of HR consulting services, and has been helping hundreds of companies develop their people and improve their processes utilizing the PI Assessment™ for over a decade.  

In partnership with PI Midlantic, Compass Workforce Solutions is excited to invite you to take a free PI Assessment™ including a follow up with one of our 29 Certified PI® Practitioners or Talent Optimization Advisors. Our combination of real world business experience and acumen spans employee selection, employee training, development, employee engagement and surveys, executive coaching, building high-performing teams and leadership development. 

Develop Your Teams With Confidence and Approach Leadership Strategically by Taking Advantage of a Scientifically Proven Program for Success


Take Your Free PI Behavioral Assessment™ Now

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™

is a powerful tool for understanding and predicting workplace behavior, but every business has different needs - whether that’s hiring, management, growth, or achieving strategic business goals. 


To really see the value of the PI®, it’s best to work with a certified practitioner who can help you understand and analyze your unique behavioral profile, and leverage your profile to see increased results in your ability to more effectively communicate and identify your unique abilities.


That’s why Compass Workforce is offering you a free review of your profile with an expert, and a set of assessment reports included with your free PI Assessment™.  


When you schedule an assessment with Compass Workforce, you’ll be able to review your individual profile and speak with one of our Predictive Index Practitioners about what your profile means for you, and how best to use that knowledge to meet your personal and career goals.

Most other PI® Practitioners only offer you partial reports, or a paid consultation to review and explain your results. 


But we’re offering the full assessment for free, as well as a follow-up review of your results and a set of reports sent to you, all without charge. We’re confident in the power of the PI Assessment™, and strongly believe that everyone should have access to it.

From Christine Ippolito, SPHR, SHRM-SPC, Certified PI Practitioner:

People are valuable.
They're also unpredictable...

...that's why businesses need a well-thought-out HR program that anticipates potential issues while allowing owners and managers to stay focused on performance and results.


What is included with your free assessment?

Access to a free PI Behavioral Assessment™ which takes on average just 6-10 minutes to complete

A free personalized PI® behavioral profile that will help you understand your own strengths, communication style, and motivators

A free individual profile review via Zoom with a certified PI Behavioral Assessment™ Practitioner
(valued at $299)

A free set of assessment reports after your review for you to access indefinitely

Here's what Fran Racioppi, Founder & CEO of FRSIX and The Jedburgh Podcast, 
has to say about working with us:

"Christine Ippolito and Compass Workforce Solutions have been instrumental in the development of our leadership team and our recruiting processes. We have incorporated the PI Behavioral Assessment™ into our hiring process from the very beginning, ensuring leaders at every level are better prepared to assess candidates and we are aligning the best candidates with the right roles. We have recently started rolling PI® out to our existing teams as part of our performance development program, including the team building modules and relationship builders. I could not be more excited to work with this team and build a world class organization with this platform! "

What benefits can you expect to see from the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™?

After completing the PI Assessment™ and going over your results with an expert, you’ll:


Be able to strengthen your relationships in the workplace by identifying your communication style and learning how to adapt your style to other styles


Better understand what drives and motivates you, so you can optimize your performance to hit your goals faster


Be in a position to improve your career growth by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, as well as which roles you’ll thrive in


Be more confident in seeking new roles by developing your leadership and management skills

These are just some of the potential benefits we’ve seen when clients apply this to their own lives for personal growth and success.

However, if you use the PI Behavioral Assessment™ as a tool to help you with hiring, team building, management, or performance, you can expect to get a lot more out of the PI®, including:

Learning how to become strategic and future-focused when hiring by assessing candidates based on their potential for growth

Identifying employees who are at high risk of turnover and reducing that risk through strategies specifically tailored to their PI® profile

Building a process for determining which employees are high performers and strong candidates for promotion or leadership roles

Improving management and communication within teams, making it easier and faster for goals to be met

Understanding how to adapt roles, projects, and support for each individual using their PI® profile and a communication method they understand

There are many more advantages to be expected from the PI®, especially when it’s a regular part of the onboarding or employee development process.

When the PI Behavioral Assessment™ becomes routine and you have company-wide data that can then be analyzed, compared, and utilized, you’ll finally have a process that makes it easy to hire with confidence and be strategic when creating teams.

Amber Freeman says this about working with Compass Workforce Solutions:

“The PI assessment™ was a game changer for my relationships. Christine walked me through my results and taught me how to use the PI® to effectively communicate with teammates I may not naturally connect with. Really puts things into perspective. I still review my personalized relationships guide and PI assessment™ to keep it top of mind.”

Uncover Your Strengths and Master Your Behavior With a Compass Workforce Solutions Expert Through Your Free PI Behavioral Assessment™ and Review


Take Your Free PI Behavioral Assessment™ Now

Because the PI Behavioral Assessment™ has so many benefits, and has been proven time and again to be an invaluable asset to businesses, many other PI Behavioral Assessment™ practitioners do not invest time into providing a personalized profile review.

Or, they only offer partial access to the profile reports, and no follow up on what the results mean or how to put the behavioral profile into action. Without any expertise or prior knowledge of the PI Behavioral Assessment™, most people are unable to understand their behavioral profile, reducing the assessment’s value and wasting their time. 

We think it’s important for all our clients to get access to the full behavioral report on a personal level, so they can see for themselves how fast and easy the assessment is to complete, see the accuracy of the results and understand WHY it’s such a powerful, successful program in the first place. 

That’s why we offer not just a full free assessment when you request one with our team, but also a free follow up review with a certified Predictive Index® Practitioner and a copy of your assessment reports for you to keep and review.

How does the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ Work? 

  • Enter your details into the form below to get started with your free assessment.

  • Complete the assessment of simple questions. It takes most people between 6-10 minutes to complete the assessment, but as it’s untimed, you can take as long as you need.

  • Once you’ve completed the PI Assessment™, you’ll be directed to a page to schedule your individual profile review and/or be contacted by a member of our team to set up your individual review with a certified PI® practitioner.

  • Review your behavioral profile and results on a zoom call with one of our experts.

  • Receive a follow-up set of assessments based on your review.

The personal reviews with a Predictive Index® Practitioner and follow-up are usually valued at $299, but when you complete your assessment with Compass Workforce Solutions, you’ll be getting access to all of this for free.

Take Control Over Your People Development by Giving Yourself a System for Understanding Your Team


Take Your Free PI Behavioral Assessment™ Now

Larry Heller had this to say about working with us:

“Glad I invested the time to go through the PI behavioral assessment with the certified practitioners at Compass Workforce Solutions. The tool was straightforward and easy to complete. The insights shared truly resonated with me both in terms of how I show up at work and in life, in general. I really look forward to working with the Compass experts in using the PI tools to select the right next hire for our team.”
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